1. Once again, follow the thread rules including APA guidelines. Needs Assessmen

1. Once again, follow the thread rules including APA guidelines.
Needs Assessment: If you had to conduct a needs assessment for a new job, describe the job and the method you would use. Why?
2. You own an auto parts store and are a customer of Theresa’s Trucking, a company that picks up and delivers a variety of shipments to business customers. One of their regular drivers, Prudence, is a heavy drinker who has a prior conviction for DUI, Driving Under the Influence;  last week she was scheduled to deliver a major shipment to you.
After Prudence has left with the day’s deliveries, Prudence’s manager, who has heard the rumors, goes to Prudence’s desk and opens her locked drawer with a master key and discovers a small bottle of whiskey.  The manager decided to fire Prudence as soon as she returns.    Unfortunately, on reaching your store, Prudencedrives through your storefront window and into the main part of your store, causing $30,000 in damages; Prudence  was cited for a number of violations including DUI,  (her blood alcohol content at the scene was .26, Blood Alcohol Content). 
Putting the issue of  the amount and type of damages aside, who might sue whom for what cause of action.
3. There is a great national debate about establishing a $15 minimum wage; the focus of the debate is on both the larger economy and whether low wage workers, on the whole, benefit from a substantially higher mandated minimum wage.   Do you agree or disagree with this YouTube presentation?

4. Immigration is one of several, divisive topics in the country today. There are two basic options: open borders or immigration with restrictions.    Please indicate which you favor; if you favor “open borders,” please consider the employment implications; if you favor restrictions, what these restrictions generally might include.

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