5N1781: Explores A Range Of Activities For The School-Age Child With A Strong Focus On Play/Recreation:

Topic: Activities with a focus on play

You are required to produce an assignment which explores a range of activities for the school-age child with a strong focus on play/recreation.

Detailed introduction & background information

  • Introduction to the area of school-age childcare
  • History & background to school-age childcare provision in Ireland
  • Quality in school-age childcare
  • Relevant legislation

Key issues Comprehensive range of activities

  • A full and detailed range of appropriate activities for school-age childcare
  • Age-appropriate activities
  • Indoor and outdoor choices
  • Promoting positive behavior
  • Links to the domains of development

The school-age childcare environment Strong emphasis on the importance of play

  • Planning & preparation
  • Homework
  • Outings
  • Health & Safety
  • The importance of play

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