5N1781: You Are Required To Produce An Effective Program Plan For The School-Age Child: School Age Childcare Assignment

Assignment Brief:

You are required to produce an effective program plan for the school-age child, outlining the importance of inclusion and identifying aspects of provision for enrichment/homework within a multi-age setting.

The importance of inclusion

  • An introduction to your assignment
  • Background information
  • A clear explanation of the importance of inclusion

Facilitation of enrichment/homework

  • Clear identification of aspects of the provision
  • Methods of facilitation
  • Importance of consultation with relevant stakeholders
  • Awareness showed of the provision of enrichment/homework within a multi-age setting
  • Use of practical examples


  • Clear and concise evaluation of the effectiveness of the program plan
  • Evidence of reflective practice
  • Appropriate recommendations based on evaluation
  • The brief and logical conclusion

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