5N3773: You are Required to Plan and Organise 10 Activities and Tasks: Recovery in Mental Health Assignment

Assessment Activity Description And Instructions To Learner:

Part A

You are required to plan and organise 10 activities and tasks which reflect the partnership approach between the service user and the team.

The activities/tasks should demonstrate strategies to reinforce positive mental health for residents/clients.

The 10 activities should be set out using the following headings, each task should have the same outline:

Part one of the task

  • Introduction to task
  • Aim of task
  • Objective of task
  • How you carried out the task
  • The benefit to the service user

Part two of the task

Demonstrate the ability to facilitate freedom of choice and demonstrate empathy and listening skills

Part three of the task

Demonstrate communication skills and how you worked effectively with the service user.

Part four of the task

Demonstrate the ability to work independently and as part of the healthcare team

Part B

Part One

Demonstrate and outline your understanding of the following in relation to positive mental health and mental health promotion.

  • Residential care policies
  • Procedures
  • Good practice skills when caring for service users

Part Two

Identification and facilitation of service user’s specific needs

Part Three

Demonstrate reflective practise in areas of competence and areas for improvement in your role in caring for service users to promote positive mental health and/or caring for a service user with a mental illness.

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