According to the film, “China’s Lost Girls” observe and respond to the questions below. Each question must be discussed in detail.

According to the film, “China’s Lost Girls” observe and respond to the questions below. Each question must be discussed in detail. You should include examples from the film and apply them to what we have learned in class regarding several sociological concepts.

  1. What are 2 primary reasons that might explain the large number of abandoned Chinese girls? In other words, what gender is preferred and why is that particular gender preferred?
  2.  What is the one child policy? After which leader in recent Chinese history did China’s population increase most dramatically? What did it appear that he believed? Review Chapter 14 regarding Population. Specifically, discuss what Henslin (textbook author) states as the consequences of rapid population growth (page 423-424)
  3.  What areas of China does the majority of abandoned girls come from? How does this happen? Give any examples.
  4. If Chinese parents decide to keep more than one child, especially their biological daughters, what will happen? What do the parents need to do?
  5. What threat does the gender imbalance pose to China? Discuss at least 1 threat in detail. Is there anything you can assess with this imbalance that we discussed in sociology throughout our course so far?  Discuss the social side effects stemming from the one child policy? Apply Deviance. How is this relative to deviance as we discussed in Chapter 6 and our discussions in class
  6. What did Marrisa’s adopted mother, Mrs. Denise Hawls, do near the park where Marrisa was abandoned? Also, discuss how the crowd in public reacted when they read the poster? Apply any concepts regarding ‘socialization’ from Chapter 3.
  7. Why did the foster parents react the way they did when they re-united with the adopted Chinese girls they once cared for? Apply any concepts that we learned in the Marriage and Family Chapter in class.
  8. What do some areas in China do to be more proactive? Also, why do clinics not disclose the gender of the baby? What do they call a spoiled child in China, as discussed in the film?
  9. Discuss your immediate feelings, emotions, thoughts during the scene when American couples were finally uniting with their new adoptive Chinese daughters for the first time? What 2 factors can you incorporate from the film that we discussed in our course so far that is relevant to sociology? _
  10. Should we adopt this policy in the United States?


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