APTE6514 Road Transport Guidelines


To enable students to analyse the Road Transport Guidelines and its application in business processes.

Learning Dutcomes .

On successful completion lea rning the Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge arkicl understanding at level 6 relating to:
1. Road Transport cornponents and characteristics.2, Vehicle related regulations.3 Infrastructure related regulations.4 PeTsonn el related regulations.5 Regulatory organisatios.

Aspessment Overview

The course is project based and you are required to undertake study of concepts of transport dassifications. transport regulations, legal’ issues pertaining transportation, concepts of Insurances in transpoltation, risk managernent, the practices and associated with health and safety environment in road transport and costs associated with road transport guidelines. To critically analyse Road Transport Guidelines,. you need to undertake Industry engagement and complete your report your assessment Is distributed as per shedule.

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