Assume you have $100,000 in savings. Create an investment portfolio of securities worth $100,000

Assume you have $100,000 in savings.  Create an investment portfolio of securities worth $100,000.  Decide what financial instruments you would like to use then find their current prices.  You can use financial instruments from anywhere in the world, however you may only use a maximum of 4 different ones. [Financial instrument = investment choice: (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, business, property, etc.)]

  1. Calculate your holdings of each security based on their current prices
  • Provide details for each of the financial instrument that you are using.  Country of origin, company name, historic values, etc.
  • Why did you select the financial instruments that you did?  Describe the benefits of the investment you chose.  High returns? Good reputation?  Safe, low risk investment?
  • Explain how each of the following economic events would directly affect the value of your portfolio, if at all.
  1. An increase or decrease in interest rates
    1. A recession
    1. A depreciation of the Canadian dollar

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