AYB230: Activist CEO’s are Acting Outside the Scope of Their Fiduciary Duties: Corporations Law Assignment,

“Activist CEO’s are acting outside the scope of their fiduciary duties” discuss. There has been a lot of publicity about the benefit and detriment of activist CEOs in Australian (and global) business. Write a report describing and explaining the statutory law of directors’ fiduciary duties as it applies to CEO activism. Structure your report as follows:

a) Define CEO and describe the role.

b) Briefly describe the conduct or behaviour that is referred to as CEO activism and provide one “real world” example. (Make sure that you reference the source of your example).

) Discuss the relevant Australian statutory law on directors’ fiduciary duties.

d) Analyse your example of CEO activism and provide an opinion (conclusion) on whether this conduct meets or breaches the Australian statutory law on directors’ fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of their company.

e) Conclude your report with one PowerPoint slide summarizing your main message as to WHAT IS CEO ACTIVISM?

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