BAC115-Analysis Of Patronage And Restaurant Taking

The data analytical part of the project (75% of total project mark) is divided into 3 parts. Each part tests you on different statistical tools that you have learned in this course. As a group, you need to demonstrate that you have participated in all parts of this project. Work allocation should not be divided according to the parts shown here. The instructions that follow refer to the Data analysis component of your overall project. The other 25 marks will be allocated to the Introduction and Conclusion sections. Please refer to the marking rubrics to see how marks are allocated to the entire project. An additional 10 marks will be assigned for proper sourcing and referencing and another 10 marks for verbal presentation. Total Project will be worth 120 marks. Part A Gourmet Delight is a fictitious five star restaurant in the Central Business District (CBD) of Melbourne. The restaurant has the capacity to sit 100 customers. The restaurant is open for lunch (12pm – 3pm) and for dinner (6 -11pm) seven days a week. The owner of Gourmet Delight has been concern that the clientele at the restaurant has been declining in the last six months due to poor service times for their meals. The owner decided to put all staff through an extensive training program in the hope of uplifting the standard of their performance. The owner of Gourmet Delight strongly believes that a serving time of no more than 20 minutes equates to efficient service. File: Serving Times Project Sem 2 2018.xls, Sheet 1, gives the serving times (in minutes) of the restaurant prior to training and after training. Using EXCEL, obtain the following summary measures and write a report of your findings: (a) Summary statistics (b) Box- whiskers plots (c) Histograms (If you need help, see Computer Exercise 3) Six months after the training, several staff left the employment at Gourmet Delight. This caused concerns to the owner of Gourmet delight. A further random sample of service times was recorded and stored in the same file (Sheet 2). Use this information to determine if the owner of Gourmet Delight should be concern. Part B To increase patronage to Gourmet Delight, the owner decided to advertise in the local press, offering special discounts and other promotions such as “two for the price of one” deals. Advertising expenditure and monthly revenue for Gourmet Delight for a period of 18 months are given in Sheet 3 of the Serving Times Project file. Using regression analysis, obtain the necessary outputs, and write a report to determine if advertising expenditure has an impact on the restaurant’s revenue.

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