BSBLED502 Manage Programs That Promote Personal Effectiveness For Wellness health issues

1. Identify and fully describe at least five health issues from external and internal sources. Analyse the issues and any implications on the organisation, specifically on the business objectives, and then develop options/actions to address these concerns. Provide a full description for each one.

2. Fully explain at least four options for employers to identify, and provide assistance to address, employee health issues. Include processes for them to undertake so as to maximise the value for the organisation and employees.

3. List at least three different industry consultants who could be engaged to assist with employee health and wellness programs. For each one, qualify their purpose and the range of services that they would normally provide.

4. Describe and explain the steps that an organisation would need to take in order to create a program management plan for their employees. Explain processes for engagement, feedback, and skills for effectively managing such a program. Include responsibilities, scope and program objectives, and promotion of the program, administration processes, and resource requirements.

5. Discuss the importance of monitoring an organisation’s program success. State challenges related to management programs that promote personal effectiveness for the organisation, and provide options for those staff that manage the program to manage these challenges.

6. When an initiative has been developed, what key things should you be sure to inform management about in order to obtain support from them?

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