BUS30009 Industry Consulting Project

Case Study

EHS Assess is a company, which was started by Brian Murphy it is a professional services consultancy company based in Melbourne with currently 7 employees in the team . The company are market leaders in the field and offering top level product that is reliable in approach and delivery . EHS Assess have been steady growth with an EBIT of around 55% and a revenue of more than $3,000,000 per annum. As a small business that has had steady growth in the past 4 years the company are surpassing it processes and systems in the area of work management which is creating stress and worry to the business. Currently the company is using an excel spreadsheet as Brian demonstrated to us in class as their working system. Although the excel spreadsheet can handle some of the business functions well, the document is becoming too unstable and causing issues within the business. EHS is expecting to expand its operations interstate but with the current work management system, this would be rather difficult to achieve.  The purpose of this presentation is to help EHS Assess to identify and replace their information technological work management system in order to make the ordering and  processing progress run more smoothly and efficiently. In the following report we will present a new work management system and some key recommendations to EHS Assess . 

Make sure that you provide specific responses to the key questions outlined in the Client’s Project Brief

Background, Purpose And Scope

Incorporate discussions from the Project Brief and the briefing sessions.

Implications From The External Environment And Industry  Analysis

In the main body you could include a summary discussion of significant factors that directly impact the organization. Detailed analysis can be provided as appendices which include a list of competitors

Recommendations With A Focus On Quality And Justification

Instructor: Please provide detail instructions about key sub-sections to cover main requirements by client. A detailed distribution of marks by sub-section can be included).


(a) assumptions and reasons that underpin your recommendations,

(b) information and evidence to support your recommendations, and

(c) any other relevant details

Implementation Arrangements And Implications

Do highlight the organisational and resource implications, including financial implications, and the risks associated with your recommendations.


Include a succinct summary that highlights the key takeaways.

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