BUS800017 Quantitative Research Methods 3

Christine has a theory that for executive directors, compensation can be explained by gender, age, qualifications and level of responsibility (e.g. CEO), and for non-executive (independent) directors, it can be explained by those factors plus board sub-committee memberships.

You are required to code the data in the relevant file(s) provided for the group assignment appropriately in order to test these theories for each of executive and non-executive directors and test them using both univariate and multivariate analyses. The multivariate analyses are to use Ordinary Least Squares regression with total compensation and/or its sub-components as the dependent variable(s). You are to write up the results of your analysis as though you are going to submit to a journal, but without a literature review.

You are not expected to collect any more data for missing values, and can replace missing values with the mean.

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