BUSN3033 Occupational Health And Safety

Learning objectives:

Explain the practical and theoretical aspects of managing workplace health and safety
Explain risk management principles as they apply to OHS (including statistical monitoring)
Interpret OHS regulations that apply in South Australia
Perform a general workplace and office audit to monitor workplace health and safety compliance and identify areas for improvement


Working in groups, you will prepare a report based on your observations of a real organization. The study will involve gathering data through one of more of these methods:

Observations noted during a tour of the organisation (using checklists);
Information gathered from interviews with members of the organisation’s staff (where possible) who have knowledge of and/or responsibility for OHS matters e.g. Manager, supervisor, health and safety representative, Safety Coordinator/Adviser;
Information obtained from organisational documents e.g. OHS policies and reports
Information obtained from the organisation’s website
Any other data about the organisation that is in the public domain (e.g. company reports, newspaper reports). 

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