CIS3730 RAID Arrays Case Study

RAID Arrays Case Study

Business Profile: CNAQ Telecom is involved in mobile wireless services across the Qatar and has about 500 employees worldwide. This company is Doha based and has 7 regional offices across the country. Although CNAQ is doing well financially, they continue to feel competitive pressure. As a result, the company needs to ensure that the IT infrastructure takes advantage of fault tolerant features.

Current Situation/Issues:

  • It is now the beginning of a new financial year and the IT department has an increased budget.
  • You are called in to recommend changes to their database environment.
  • You investigate their database environment closely, and observe that the data is stored on a 6-disk RAID 0
  • Each disk has an advertised formatted capacity of 200 GB and the total size of their files is 900 GB.
  • The amount of data is likely to change by 30 % over the next 6 months and your solution must accommodate this growth.
  • The application performs around 40% write operations, and the remaining 60 % are reads.
  • The average size of a read or write is small, at around 2 KB.
  • How would you suggest that they restructure their environment?
  • The controller can handle all commonly used RAID levels, so will not need to be replaced.
  • Justify your choice based on cost, performance, and data availability of the new solution.
  • RAID level to use: Advantages: Disadvantages:
  • What will be the advantages over present configuration.

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