CIS5200 Professional Skills For Systems Analysis For Work Breakdown Structure

Develop a fact-finding plan including the following:
1- Interviews
2- Documentation review
3- Observation
4- Questionnaires
5- Research Student need to explain how they will use these methods to obtain data. Also, which method you will using first and why (you need to write your justification).
Review your chosen organisation, then draw the organisation chart. Next, list the individuals you would like to interview. Prepare a list of objectives for each of the interviews you will conduct. For example:
1- IT Manager
Student need to write a list of objectives, which explain his/her choice. 2- Director of Sales
Student need to write a list of objectives, which explain his/her choice. etc. AS IS” Process
You need to provide an “AS IS” process diagram by using Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) or Unified Modelling Language (UML) notation. The “AS IS” diagram
should explain the process flow of your chosen organisation. Then, explain which process flow in this diagram that you want to improve. Report to Top Management
You are required to write a summary professional report to the top management (CEO) about the planning and analysis phases that you already completed. This report at a minimum should include the objectives, processes undertaken, scope, and recommendations to the top management (CEO).

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