CLS107: Introduction to Chinese History

Assignment Brief:

The well-field system is a state-owned land system (aristocratic land ownership) in ancient Chinese society. It originated from the Shang Dynasty and matured in Western Zhou Dynasty. The minefield system was an important economic measure to stabilize the feudal system of the Western Zhou Dynasty, and even affected the Zhou Dynasty’s politics.

Governance rises and falls. Combine what you have learned in the course, describe the content and characteristics of the well-field system, and explain how it affected the Zhou Dynasty’s political Governance rises and falls.

Answer Hint:

  • Explain the meaning and significance of the well-field system
  • describe the content and characteristics of the well-field system
  • discussing how it affects the political rise and fall of the Zhou Dynasty accounted.
  • Citing expert opinions will enhance academic analysis,
  • Demonstrate the student team’s understanding of the topic.

 During the reign of Emperor Xuanzong Li Longji of the Tang Dynasty, he created the “Heyday of Kaiyuan”. However, the “Anshi Rebellion” that occurred in the later period was marked by the ambition of the prosperous Tang Dynasty began to decline. Try to use the knowledge learned to analyze and evaluate the historical merits and demerits of Tang Xuanzong.

Answer Promptly:

  • Describe the basic situation of Li Longji’s governance accounted.
  • review and review historical achievements accounted
  • Discussion of negligence.
  • Quoting expert comments will enhance your academic analysis.

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