COMM1147 Nursing Profession Occupational Research Paper

  • The literature suggests that violence towards nurses by patients is on the rise.  What may account for the increase in Code White emergencies?  How are care settings and nurses responding to this phenomena and how can health care workers deescalate and protect themselves and other patients in these incidents?  Integrate evidence from the three noted sources into your essay. 
  • An expected standard of nursing practice is the provision of culturally sensitive care.  Using a specific example, describe a scenario of culturally sensitive care and outline the best practices that support this crucial aspect of nursing.   You may use an example noted in the literature or one drawn from your experience in the clinical practice setting. 
  • The nursing profession is wrought with a broad spectrum of occupational hazards. One of the most common is the reality of caregiver burnout, or in other words, compassion fatigue.  Using evidence from the academic literature, what are some of the causes of this phenomena?  According to the CNO, RNAO or your nursing textbook, what tools can nurses employ to reduce the risks of caregiver burnout and compassion fatigue?  Be sure to integrate evidence from your experiences in your clinical settings (interviews, observations, etc.) in your response.
  • One of the most important aspects of working within healthcare settings is infection control compliance.  Nurses work at the front lines of this constant challenge; besides patients, they are the most at risk and are thus key members of the of infection control stewardship team.  In your essay, describe a specific breakdown in infection control, its causes(s), effect(s), and implications for future practice and prevention.  Your scenario may be drawn from the literature and/or your clinical placement experience. 
  • As healthcare settings advance, new technologies are adopted to improve patient outcomes.  One of the most recent advances that directly affect nursing practice is the shift from paper medication administration to electronic.  But are electronic medication administration systems superior to paper? Using evidence from the literatureyou’re your clinical practice setting, state your case: paper or electronic medication administration, or both?  In your essay you may wish to address a specific medication administration system, method, or infrastructure.
  • Alternatively, you may propose your own essay topic.  This must be discussed with your professor in advance.