Each student please answer to the following questions, in addition, please come up with at least one question and reflection you have after watching-(SOLVED)

Each student please answer to the following questions, in addition, please come up with at least one question and reflection you have after watching the documentary to engage with further discussions with the class.

  1. This documentary emphasizes that the current crisis of mass incarceration is directly tied to our country’s legacy and history of slavery. By showing how slavery shifted to convict leasing to Jim Crow segregation, to the war on drugs, 13th argues that “systems of oppression are durable and they often reinvent themselves.” What are ways you can end this cycle? What do you think are some of the factors that allowed this system of racial control to simply evolve and replicate itself for the past 150 years? How can you be more vigilant against institutional racism?
  2. Unawareness of institutionalize racism is one of the biggest barriers for people to understand social justice efforts because without this understanding people tend to individualize issues marginalized people face. For example, Black Lives Matter movement is counter with All Lives Matter movement, affirmative action is counter with reverse racism rhetoric. In addition, how can we address this in societal and institutional level ?