ENT203 Marketing For Entrepreneurship

Task Summary

In pairs, analyse a marketing case studyand demonstrate your understanding of the theories and practice that you have studied in this course so far.


To be successful in marketing their business venture, entrepreneurs need to use modern cost efficient strategies to research the market and build an effective brand, including using social media and modern mobile marketing strategies. Testing your brand and managing a brand in the digital age needs to be conducted with scarce resources, and entrepreneurs need to be aware of trending cost efficient strategies available to test and determine the best ways to engage customers.


To complete this assessment task, you must:

1. Download the case study in the Assessment Resource folder for this assessment task in Blackboard.2. Read the case study thoroughly and consider the following points:

a. The appropriateness of the chosen strategies.b. The value of the strategies to build the brand.c. Any ethical or potentially unethical behaviour you identified in the case study, and any impact of that behaviour.d. How social media is, or is not, used as an effective tool for consumers to ‘evaluate’and ‘advocate’.e. How the brand is tested across the strategies used.

2. Write an analysis responding to the above points and the following question:

a. How did the entrepreneur use marketing strategies to assist with market analysis and building a brand?

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