HLSC122Critical Appraisal Of Evidence- Case Scenario

Assessment Task 1: Scenario 

Yoga Tasso – a 21-year-old computer programmer – witnessed a serious motor vehicle accident (MVA). It is now four weeks since the accident, and he continues to experience problems with sleeping and flashbacks, where he has sudden distressing memories of the accident. Tasso’s general practitioner (GP) states that he is suffering post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Following this diagnosis, Tasso’s sister suggested he joins a yoga class. Tasso is not convinced that yoga will work for him. He would like to know if there is any high-quality evidence that supports the practice of yoga for adults with PTSD. Clinical Question: What are the experiences of men with PTSD taking yoga to improve wellbeing?

Assessment Task 2: Scenario 

E-Cigarettes Joanne is a 34-year-old engineer who has worked as a geologist on the offshore oil platforms in western Australian for the previous eight (8) years. She has always been a smoker and wishes to use her savings to start an Airbnb business in her home-town of Perth. However, Joanne has learned that Airbnb has a strict policy of no-smoking in rental properties. She wants to stop smoking and has decided to try ecigarettes as a means of effectively stopping her smoking habit. Joanne would like to know if there is high quality evidence supporting the effectiveness of e-cigarettes in stopping her smoking habit, compared to other nicotine replacement therapies. Clinical Question How effective are e-cigarettes compared to other nicotine replacement therapies for smoking cessation in adults?

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