HRES2101 Change Management

Assignment Overview:

As a Human Resources professional, you will influence change in the organization. One of the types of change that is experienced in the workplace is a legislative change. Prior to implementing change, it is important to think about the reaction of the workforce to change – positive and negative. In this assignment, you will research the amended change to the Occupational Health and Safety Act and then develop a strategy to launch the legislative change within a timely manner.


Human Resources professionals influence and roll out legislative changes to the workplace. This assignment will provide you an opportunity to strategize for this type of change. Learners will research the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Alberta, which was updated as of June 2018. In particular, you will need to reference the amendment that references a health and safety program. In planning the launch of the legislative change, you should reflect on a workplace that you are familiar with.

You are working through this strategy from the Human Resources professional perspective as you launch the change. A required step in this launch is to think about the reaction of the legislative change to the workforce, both positive and negative. The last section of the assignment requires you to prepare a PowerPoint presentation to the senior leadership team highlighting the strategy for implementing this change.

Create a report and includes the following:

  1. Reflect on a new example of workplace change that you have experienced.

This must be a different example than you referenced in Assignment 1. For those of you who have not worked, you should draw on an example from your network of friends or family. This workplace change does not have to be related to Occupational Health and Safety, but is an opportunity for you to continue to reflect on how workplace changes impact the workforce:

  1. Classify the type of change.
  2. Describe how you positively responded to the change.
  3. Describe the resistance that you had to the change.
  4. Research the recently amended Occupational Health and Safety Act. In particular, refer to the Health and Safety program change:
    a. Describe the amendment.
    b. Explain two advantages and two disadvantages that this amended section will have on the workplace.

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