HSCI 431: Health Behavior Dr. Rainis :Students will be paired into groups -healthcare management assignment help

HSCI 431: Health Behavior
Dr. Rainisch
Fall 2015
Students will be paired into groups and assigned a theory. Given this theory each group must
research a peer reviewed journal article (from 2005-present) and complete the paper per the
guidelines below.

healthcare management assignment help

The article will also include a health issue or behavior and a target population.
Your Final Group Paper has 4 components: 1) rationale for the health issue; 2) overview of
theoretical constructs; 3) critique of the reviewed article; 4) Healthy People 2020 and reflections.
The final group paper should be no more than 10 pages double spaced using 12-point font
Times New Roman with one inch margins. Any text beyond page 10 will not be read and
considered as bank. No quotes should be used while writing your final paper. Paraphrase and
summarize where necessary. You must submit an electronic copy on the Moodle website prior to
class. Please use APA citations accordingly.
Your final paper should be a .doc or .docx file. Please include a header on each page in the
upper right hand corner: Last names; Final Paper. For example Matador & Bruin; Final
Paper. In the file title name uploaded online please follow this same format: last names; Final
Paper. For example Matador Bruin_Final Paper.docx.
Total Points = 90 Section Requirements
Rationale for the
health issue
1-2 pages
(10 points)
o Provide a strong rationale for why public health should address a
health issue or behavior (include at least 5 references)
o Use evidence/data or other statistical information on the
health behavior
o Discuss the consequences (e.g. physical mental economic)
impact and behavioral risk factors related to the health issue
or behavior
o Identify the target population of interest
o Discuss why this health issue or behavior is of importance
among this population
Overview of
theory &
constructs 2
(20 points)
o Provide a brief historical overview of the theory
o Describe the theory and its major constructs or components
o Be sure to cite your references correctly!
Critique of
reviewed article
2-3 pages
(30 points)
o Provide a critique of your article (similar to your homework
assignments!). Your summary should include the following:
o The purpose and main goal(s) of the study
o How the theory was applied to address study goals
o A description of measurement of theory constructs within the
study (i.e. provide examples in the program or items on the
surveys that described how the constructs were created into
o Results of the study (were study aims achieved? Why or why
o Strengths and weaknesses of applying this theory for the
current study. This might include:
? Other constructs the study could have applied
? Different measurement of constructs
? Do NOT focus on limitations of the study design!
Think about the theoretical application!
o Include the correct APA citation for this article!
Healthy People
2020 &
Reflections 1-2
(20 points)
o According to the findings of the article research the same health
issue or behavior within Healthy People 2020.
o Identify a specific objective of HP2020 and discuss whether
your article addresses this objective. Be detailed and specific.
o Using the Interventions & Resources tab discuss two (2)
programs/interventions that can also address this HP2020
objective and your health topic.
o Discuss the public health implications of applying this theory in your
Writing format
(10 points)
o Paper includes headings reflecting required paper elements
o Paper follows the current edition APA style requirements
o Paper includes citations where appropriate and a reference list
o Paper is free from errors of spelling mechanics and grammar
o Writing concise w/ no run-on sentences https://charteredessay.com/hlth-1025-sp2-2017-assessment-2-written-assignment-2-30-healthcare-management-assignment-help/