Identify and briefly describe an ethical issue that you are facing now in your o

Identify and briefly describe an ethical issue that you are facing now in your own life. If you are not facing an
ethical issue now, choose one you have faced within the last year. It can be related to your employment, a class
situation, organized sports, a religious organization, etc. Be clear about the facts of the situation but keep your
description of the dilemma brief. Your score is based largely on your analysis, not your story telling. Use the
limited space you have to analyze your dilemma based on the material you read and listened to for this
assignment. (Note: If your dilemma is unrelated to white collar crime, you do not need to reference the audio you
listened to in your Paper.)Using what you learned from the reading and audio, analyze the situation. For example, consider the following:  Are you using rationalizations in dealing with the ethical issue you are facing? How would you apply perspective-taking in your situation?
 Is there someone you should talk with about the situation? If so, who is it and why did you choose this person? Have you talked with this person yet? If so, what came of the conversation? What can you do to protect yourself once you’ve decided to speak up about a potentially unethical
situation? What is the best course of action to follow to deal with your ethical issue? What makes this the best course
of action? What makes other courses of action less appealing? What have you learned here that might change the way you would approach a similar ethical issue in the
future? length: 350 words
Requirements: .doc file

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