ITECH1100 Understanding The Digital Revolution12 Learning Outcomes Assessed

Learning Outcomes Assessed

The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment:

A3. Apply business information software for data visualization and analysis purposes;

S2. Review a range of information system applications;

S3. Interpret and construct representations of business data flow and processes;

K2. State the uses of emerging technologies within key industry contexts; and

K6. Explain the concepts of software development within key industries

  • Consider the impact of the technology on the people in the industry; will it make their lives easier or harder?
  • Can you draw parallels to other industries where your technology may have had impact?
  • Are there other technologies you’re aware of that might, together with your chosen technology, have a stronger combined impact?

It is acceptable and expected that you make a number of assumptions about the process, but these should be explicitly included in your description. What are you basing your understanding on?

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