Kobi Monterey has grown up with asthma

Identify ONE (1) priority nursing problem (which best relates to the patient scenario chosen) that you would address as the Registered Nurse caring for the patient.

Establish Goals And Take Action

Based on the nursing problem identified, establish your key goal and populate the table provided in the care plan template.

Within this table, you will need to provide FOUR (4) related actions (interventions) you will implement to address the goal. Your actions must include ONE(1) of the skills identified in the skill video resources for this unit. Please be mindful that some skill videos are more aligned to some scenarios than others.  The quality of your capacity to apply clinical reasoning to the scenario provided will help inform you of the skill video most likely to align with your nursing problem.

Provide a brief rationale for each action identified that draws on relevant unpinning physiology/pathophysiology.

Identify evidence-based evaluations that will assess the attainment of the goal set 



Kobi Monterey has grown up with asthma.  Diagnosed at a very young age, he has been very diligent in knowing what triggers his asthma resulting in Kobi experiencing few episodes in recent years. Apart from his asthma, Kobi is a fit and well 25-year-old.  However, this week Kobi has not been feeling well over the past few days and his father brought him to the emergency department this morning after Kobi experienced an asthma attack whilst at work. Kobi is quite distressed and breathing rapidly with a notable wheeze on expiration. He is unable to talk to you in full sentences, states he has a tight feeling in his chest and a continuous cough. You notice that his lips are cyanosed and he appears pale and sweaty.