MHLT 1120: The American Musical Film(text book is called:Masterin – academic article format

Media Studies/ MHLT 1120: The American Musical Film(text book is called:Mastering Internet Video by Damine Stolarz
its 11 assignments and has 2 parts. First part is the writing which will be 400 words total for each assignment. the second part it to respond to two of the classmates essays for each assignments (not less than200 words for responding to 2 students essays on each assignments so total 22 responses and each respond will be 100 wordat least.).

academic article format

I will upload two files one for the writing part and the second will be for the responding part ( im using OpenOffice ) i organized them the best i could
but if you get confused please give me a call anytime. for the Writing part there will be links to the requirements and you may need to rent some of the films if not
found in i numbered each assignment. the top of each assignment are the links and readings do not get confused just skip to the middle until you see
First part: writing requirements under that gives you what you need to write and then get back up to use links and readings it should help make it more clear.
Finally the total words for the first partwriting part not less than 4400 and the total for the second part respond to classmates not less than 2200 words.

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