NUR2200Mental Health Care Across The Lifespan

Learning Outcomes:

It is expected that you will develop a sense of your ability to observe client behaviour and accurately document those observations as findings on the Mental Status Examination (MSE) and risk screening tool in the correct assessment categories using correct terminology.

Students will also develop patient-focused documentation skills in reporting the identified MSE and risk assessment findings concisely and accurately within the nursing report.

From your findings, it is also expected that students will be able to identify symptoms pertaining to the client and consequently be able to develop mental health nursing specific interventions to assist the client.


  1. Watch the video about Harry that is located on the study desk. Record yourobservations from the interview/assessment between Harry & the mental health clinician, on the MSE form. You can minimise the MSE form while watching the clip and pause the clip while documenting.
  2. Once your MSE is completed, identify and record three relevant symptoms that Harry displayed during the interview, locate two evidenced based nursing mental health interventions persymptomto assist you in completing the management plan for
  3. Complete the symptom and intervention page. There will be three symptoms intotal identified and two interventions per symptom (six interventions) and one reference per intervention to total six 
  4. The symptoms that you identify with your correlated interventions must be foundfrom documented evidence in your MSE