NURS11162Inclusive Practice For Nursing

There has been a mass shooting in a shopping centre nearby and all casualties have been brought to the Emergency Department (ED) of the hospital in which you work. All victim’s injuries are not lifethreatening and discharge is expected following medical treatment in ED. Each patient requires discharge information, requiring consideration for their individualised needs. The alleged shooter is in a serious but stable condition and your team is assigned to his care. Among the patient casualties are: Choose one of the population groups from the list above and address the following two criteria: 1. Discuss the effect of stigmatisation by health care staff on your chosen patient group and the relevant nursing strategies that will help to promote positive hospital experiences for this group. 2. Discuss the challenges of health literacy for your patient group when offering discharge information and identify nursing strategies that will help promote health literacy Then address the third criteria: 3. Explain the concept of moral judgment by health care professionals when treating the alleged offender in this scenario.

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