Population Sampling and Instrumentation Mock Study: Population Sampling and Instrumentation Continuing to build on your – nclex questions for rn

Population Sampling and InstrumentationMock Study: Population Sampling and Instrumentation
Continuing to build on your Mock Study plan submit an updated outline reflecting any feedback you may have received (If no feedback has been provided submit the same outline as the prior weeks.)
Write a 1750- to 2400-word paper that introduces the population sampling and instrumentation for your mock study. Indent and include an updated outline identifying the population sampling approach sample size its adequacy (statistical power) for your mock study; provide clear and concise information that:
11. Identifies your population and includes the method you will use to select your sample.
12. Identifies your chosen instrumentation for your variables that is select an existing quantitative assessment instrument/s for example the MLQ LPI Burnout Inventory state assessment exam or NCLEX-RN exam that would be appropriate to the topic and the population.
Ensure that your outline is aligned. Include additional paragraph/s discussing how you would collect data from your participants. Summarize your paper with a conclusion at the end of your Microsoft Word document including justification for your choices supported by references.
Format your paper so that it is consistent with APA guidelines. https://charteredessay.com/nr452-capstone-coursenr452-evidence-based-paper-part-2-nclex-questions-for-rn/