PSY107 Introduction To Psychology 1

Copy-and-pasting text from another source is considered plagiarism. However, as this assignment requires you to extract specific information from the assigned journal article, you are allowed to copy-and-paste relevant text. Nevertheless, you must put the copied text within quotation marks and cite the source appropriately following the APA format. Please learn how to present in-text citations and remember that when you are making direct quotes, you must provide the page number of the source. Refer to “Guidance on Referencing in APA Format” which is available in the L-group link in Canvas to find out how to do this.You will find it necessary to conduct research and read beyond the prescribed material in order to answer some of the questions in this assignment.
Question 1: General Information
a) State the title of the article.
b) State the name(s) of the author(s) of the article.
c) State the name of the journal, the year of publication, volume number, and page numbers.
The Introduction presents existing theories and relevant past research studies providing the bases for the current research problem. Statements of the expected results are made at the end of the Introduction.
a) Identify the main aim of this research study.
b) Briefly explain what the colour and emotion Stroop tasks are, and why the researchers
a) How many participants were there in the study?
b) Describe, in your own words, how the colour and emotion Stroop tasks were constructed
c) Summarise, using your own words as far as possible, how the study was conducted.The Results section reports the descriptive and inferential statistics. The results of the statistical  analysis can be complicated and difficult to understand especially if you are not familiar with  the statistical tests used. For the purpose of this assignment, let us not be too concerned with  the statistical analyses involved.
a) Summarise the relevant findings from the study in terms of reaction times (RT) and error  percentages.
b) Briefly explain what physiological reactivity means (as defined by the researchers), and what the physiological reactivity results are for the two Stroop tasks.The Discussion section presents a discussion of the results with respect to the research question  set out in the Introduction. It also addresses the theoretical implications of the results.
a) The researchers state that their study extends our understanding of the Stroop tasks.  Summarise the argument for this claim.
b) The researchers suggest avenues for future research at the end of the Discussion. Summarise  the suggestions made by the researchers.
c) Briefly define and describe the concept of “case study” in Research Methods. Note any advantages or disadvantages of this research method and provide an example of a case study. 

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