SBM4101-imagine that you work as an IT consultant for an Australian company of your choice

In this exercise, you are to imagine that you work as an IT consultant for an Australian company of your choice. The client needs your help in analysing the best information system needs for the business solutions and increasing revenue. The report should include the following: • Examine the needs of information systems within a company of your choice. You need to select a product that is information system focused. You need to choose a company that has a strong profile of employing information systems to support business strategy. It is essential that information systems used in this company is paving the way for more competitive advantage. Your report should focus on how information systems provide solutions and contributions to company success. • You also need to identify two alternative information systems solutions that are suitable to the company needs. Discuss the viability of each of the alternative solutions. You also need to provide pros and cons and a cost-benefit analysis for each of the two alternatives. • Your analysis should discuss the choice of in house development and outsourcing components and which one is best for the company. • Your analysis should also discuss the benefits of data analysis to the company revenue/success.

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