You are to write a journal article (for mock publication)

You are to write a journal article (for mock publication) which will be published for newly graduated Registered Nurses as they enter into professional practice as an RN. The article will be titled: Continuing lifelong learning to enhance the individual scope of practice and clinical knowledge following the transition to the role of a registered nurse.

You will discuss the topic and provide relevant supporting current literature.The topic must have an Australian and ‘new graduate’ focus that relates to the experience of transition of an RN into an organisation:

Assignment Process

  1. Introduction – description of the topic
  2. Significance of the issue  – why the topic is important to an RN as they transition into practice
  3. Discussion – what do the key findings in the literature say about the topic?
  4. Evaluation – what significant strategies arise from the discussions that could be actioned in practice
  5. Conclusion – a summary of the main points